A Hand Up Outreach - Serving the hurting and lost

Our "church without walls" philosophy is demonstrated in this                                                                    ministry.  We are committed to helping the hurting, lost,                                                                         homeless, addicted, etc. through out the region.  We open                                                                                 the church for showers, laundry, and food but also go out                                                                                  into the community to bring clothing, meals, drinks, and the                                                                               Love of Christ to those that can't get to our facility.  The                                                                                  "church" is people NOT a building.  Join us in being Christ's                                                                           Hands and Feet          

Women’s Ministry

Deborah Arising is not only the name of this women’s ministry, but a call to all women to take their place as a woman of God, fulfilling His calling in their lives. This ministry goes beyond the walls of any church; it includes all women who call on the name of Jesus as their Savior. Please join us as we move forward to claim this country and this county for God!

Small Groups Ministry (Life Groups)

Our Life Groups are for those who wish to develop a closer relationship with Jesus and with others through interactive Bible studies, personal sharing, activities, and Christian fellowship.

Men’s Ministry

Connects the men of Church on The Rock.  Men come together to study God’s Word, for activities, for fellowship, and for encouragement.  See the calendar for scheduled group meetings, activities, and events.


We are called to make a joyful noise to The Lord, but it’s not just about music, it is also about praise and worship. We believe that praise and worship can be expressed through music, dance, waving of flags, and many other expressions.  We are blessed to have talented and anointed people to lead us into the presence of God.  


Get Connected

Jail / Prison Ministry

We are committed to taking the gospel into the prisons and jails in our county.  Each week we reach out to those in the Flagler jail and various prisons throughout the state, with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. 

The Christian faith is based on RELATIONSHIP.  Our relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and our relationship with one another are the pivotal factors of being a Christian.  While our Sunday morning and mid-week services are incredible times spent encountering the Lord, strong spiritual and personal relationships are built in smaller, more intimate gatherings as well as in performing ministry while using our spiritual gifts.

The Rock has many different ministries and groups with specific purposes and functions that provide for the development of spiritual gifts and the growth of relationships for the accomplishment of all God has for us.  Take the first step in getting connected today . . .

 God’s Original Plan Ministry

This ministry teaches and informs the body of Christ of their Jewish roots.  God’s plan of redemption includes all people (Jews and Gentiles alike). Throughout the year, this ministry teaches on the various celebrations, feasts and festivals found in the book of Leviticus.  This in depth teaching brings to light the profound truths which reveal God’s Original Plan for each of our lives.  For more information, click on this website                                              to contact Founders Bruce and Marlene.

(386) 437-9915

Come to THE ROCK,  and let's build something TOGETHER!